Food Safety-Level 1 + Level 2  
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Brisbane, Queensland
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College Australia
Level 3, 333 Adelaide Street
Brisbane, Queensland

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Mon, May 19, 2008 at 7:45 am to 8:45 am
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Nationally Accredited Units:

Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures-THHGHS01B

Follow Basic Food Safety Procedures-HLTFS207B

This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to follow key hygiene procedures which apply in food business enterprises.

* This unit addresses the key requirements of the National Food Safety Guideline Standard GFSBFSPA Follow basic food safety practices.

 * Follow workplace hygiene procedures in accordance with enterprise standards and legal requirements. 

*Handle and store all items according to enterprise requirements and legal obligations.

* Identify potential hygiene risks promptly.

* Take action to minimise or remove the risk within the scope of individual responsibility and in accordance with enterprise and legal requirements


Nationally Accredited Units:

Implement Food Safety Procedures-THHBCC11B

Oversee the Day-To-Day Implementation of Food Safety in the Workplace-HLTFS309B

Apply and Monitor Food Safety Requirements-HLTFS310B

Prerequisite completion of:

Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures-THHGHS01B or

Follow Basic Food Safety Procedures-HLTFS207B

This unit refers to the following of food safety procedures in the workplace as part of a food safety program or plan. These procedures relate to a food safety program based on the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) but can also be customised to other systems. This unit complies with legislative requirements for food safety and the implementation of a food safety plan. This unit addresses the key requirements of the National Food Safety Guidelines Standard GFSMFSRA Apply and monitor food safety requirements.

* Identify food safety critical control points and hazards

* Identify critical control points for food safety in the food production system and to reflect specific job role and workplace conditions.

* Correctly identify the biological, physical and chemical hazards for food handling, production, storage and service which apply to the workplace.

* Implement procedures for food safety

* Identify food safety policies and procedures correctly in relation to critical control points and hazards.

* Follow all food safety policies and procedures correctly and consistently in accordance with enterprise and legislative requirements.
Event Hosted By
College Australia
Level 3
333 Adelaide Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
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